Ferrari Introduced Hybrid Iconic Sports Car In Geneva Car Show

Ferrari is going to introduce a green hybrid iconic machine in upcoming Geneva 2010 car show. It may be prototype modification of Ferrari 599 GTB model. Ferrari green hybrid means an experimental concept HY-KERS hybrid 599.It is also named as vettura laboratorio. This is a Ferrariā€™s first step towards a more efficient future.

The major specification of Ferrari 599 GTB is its HY-KERS system. HY-KERS system is mechanism to reduce emission and improve economy of a car. It allows electric drive in town and also helps to regenerates energy after applying a brake. The regenerated energy is getting stored in a lithium ion battery pack, which located in rear portion of the car. It was kept in rear portion so it will not to disturb the handling balance while driving. HY-KERS systems also provide a dual-clutch transmission.

Ferrari 599 GTB is equipped with v-12 engine. With this power it can go 0-125 mph in just 0.6 seconds. This car comes with electric assistance so it will help to reduce emission and improve economy.

The cost of Ferrari is not revealed yet but its cutting edge technology will make some incomprehensible cost for it. With this launch 599 GTB hybrids will represent a great path towards the future.


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