Children becoming less fit due to sedentary lifestyles

A recent study on children fitness revealed that today’s children are very much short of the fitness levels. They say that an average 10-year-old in 1998 can beat almost 95 percent of youngsters in 2008 in running trial.

Essex University conducted fitness tests on 600 10-year-olds a decade apart in an area with low levels of obesity among children there. They have concluded that unclear knowledge on obesity was one of the reasons for declines in fitness levels among the children.

Today’s generation of children are spending more and more time in front of TV’s or computers. They are playing games at home only. This kind of sedentary lifestyles of children for some time is very dangerous.

Children in many places are regularly weighed and measured in schools and at homes to check the obesity rate, but nobody is concentrating on the fitness of the children. Though obesity rates are decreasing but one should be aware of the large and worrying problems that might arise due to low fitness levels.



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