Know Anti-Theft Devices for Protecting Your Vehicle

There are many affordable anti-theft devices available market, and they have minimized the chances of auto-theft and prevent many people from becoming the victim of auto theft. Car thefts occur where a large group of cars are parked for long extended periods of time such as shopping centers, movie theaters, sport stadiums and large apartment complexes.
If you live in a highly theft-prone area or worried about the possibility of vehicle theft, take a look on the list of anti-theft devices that help you give the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected.

Recovery devices: The following are the devices that help you get back your vehicle, in case it is stolen.

  • VIN etches: This device helps in chemically etching the vehicle identification number on the window or any external part of the car. It discourages thieves from taking your vehicle. It is an inexpensive device costing anywhere between $20 and $100.
  • Kill switch: This is a hidden switch inside the car that needs to be flipped on for the car to start. It can prevent the flow of electricity or fuel to the engine when the switch is deactivated. These are also inexpensive device, sold at a cost of $10-$125.
  • Electronic tracking devices: An electronic transmitter can be hidden inside the vehicle that emits a signal to the monitoring station or to the police. It helps in viewing the vehicle-location if your car is stolen.

Preventative devices:
These are the devices that help to prevent the occurrence of vehicle-theft.

  • Locks: There are many types of locks such as steering wheel lock, tire locks, gearshift lock, hood lock, floor board/ crook lock that helps your vehicle to operate or move.
  • Alarms: Alarms are best known for safety devices makes loud warning sound when your car is opened.

Thus, the above all anti-theft devices help your car from theft attempts. It is advisable to use one of the recovery devices with one or more preventative devices. You can also get discounts on your car premium if you protect it from the above anti-theft devices.



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