IAB Estimates Global Online Ad Revenues to Reach $106 billion by 2016

Advertising online is an advanced and effective form of encouraging the customers to purchase specific brand products. Various forms of online advertising including banner ads, social networking advertising, e-mail marketing, blogs, etc. have seen a well-noted growth these days. Throughout the world, the number of internet users have been increasing and hence, the perspective to online advertising developed. This is an advantage for the companies to rise their online ad revenues.

Ad server softwareInteractive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reported the results of the Digital TV Research that global online ad revenues will reach $106 billion by 2016. An online advertising forecast was collected from 40 countries and it was said that US would remain the dominant area for online advertising revenues. Apart from the US, two other countries, China and Japan were mentioned to be active in online advertising in future. The share of online advertising of the US which was 41 percent in 2010 is estimated to decrease to 38 percent in 2016. Japan and China are expected to gain a larger percentage of the market, with Japan estimated to be in second position.


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