Using Facebook 24 Hours is Exposing Girls To Cruelty

England’s communications champion expressed its views on the use of social-networking sites, like Facebook among young girls. It said that the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging among the girls means that they are exposed to bullying for 14 hours a day. The experts from that group also added that instead of building up relations among the girls social media texting has given girls more ways of excluding each other.

Girls are always mean to each other and they do enough of it through direct communication in schools through verbal communication and once they are off from the schools they are using this social networking sites to continue their unfriendly nature. Since this off the school communication used to be zero during the previous days where there are no social networking sites, the frequency of hatefulness and showing their disinterest towards others is quite less. So, experts found that these sites are increasing the degree of cruelty among the girls as they continue to be on facebook 24 hours.

Experts from the research are also suggesting the teachers and the parents to teach the girls what to do and how to do and also assertiveness. They have to be taught in a proper direction about the things like bullying and see to it that they understand it completely.

Researches also shown that girls are less confident than boys when it comes to speaking out and saying no to their friends and hence are highly under peer pressure when compared to boys.



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