Ford Motor Partnering with TeleNav

Ford Motor Company partnered with TeleNav. TeleNav is a company that provides wireless navigation services. The partnership is done in order to bring connected navigation to the company’s MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch-equipped vehicles. The company is 0considered to bring these vehicles through out the world.

Real-time information for helping the driver’s search to find and drive to new places can be given by the TeleNav’s automotive grade GPS navigation software. This makes the driver’s job more reliable and efficient. This software is used by the Ford’s SYNC system.

MyFord and MyLincoln Touch helps in allowing the customers to interact with the navigation system. This can be done through a touch screen interface or through SYNC’s voice recognition capabilities. This makes the customers to find the local information and can navigate to their destinations. The system contains a 8-inch touch screen and a dual 4.2-inch screens. These help in showing full color maps and guide information. The navigation solution includes local and regional information such as guidance, maps and languages.

When a destination information is entered in the system, a real-time traffic data, speed limits, and road angulations are provided after accessing. It provides three drive route options which are fast, short and eco-friendly. When a Ford testing is done, it is indicated that the eco-route can be up to 15 percent more fuel efficient when compared to the other route options.

MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch are made to be available in the U.S in 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, and in the 2011 Ford Explorer. The application developed helps in providing a fuel-efficient option for each route. It was said that Ford is able to offer high quality connected services for drivers in many countries with the use of TeleNav’s routing and navigation experience.



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