Small Businesses are Investing in E-mail marketing

AWeber Communications are leading providers of web-based e-mail marketing software for small businesses gave a report of more than 2,500 small businesses regarding e-mail marketing and social media marketing efforts by a survey.

Around 70 percent of small business marketers are using some sort of social media tactics in their business. More than 77 percent of the small business owners think that social media and e-mail marketing is moderately essential or very essential.

E-mail marketing is adding significant value to the small businesses with more than 82 percent of the respondents are planning to increase their efforts in e-mail marketing next year.

The survey also shows that

  • In the coming 12 months, more than 66 percent of small business respondents are willing to use behavioral targeting along with sales tracking in their campaigns.
  • More than 54 percent of respondents are willing to use Facebook for helping to build their e-mail lists.
  • As per 20 percent of the respondents, e-mail marketing and social media has increased customer loyalty.
  • E-mail marketing ROI can be more easily measured than social media ROI as per 61.46 versus 5.28 percent.


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