Wipro Launches Retail Automation Platform

Wipro Technologies, the global IT services department of Wipro Limited, released the launch of a retail automation platform “TINA”.

Wipro said at its Applied Innovation Lab that ‘TINA’ is a platform on which customer intercommunication applications utilizes speech, touch and motion. They also said it is introduced as a component of the customer experience enhancement program.

According to the company, from the time Wipro TINA platform is SOA implemented, it can play major role in the entire cross channel strategy for retailers. TINA is completely attached to the store and the retailer’s enterprise using WiFi, enabling it with real time information regarding price, on-shelf inventories, and promotions.

TINA has also an advantage to audit store execution, including areas extending from planograms and price optimization to boost execution. Moreover, information and educational content regarding new product can be exhibited directly across stores, that are provided by TINA. The statement said that TINA is an achievement by Wipro’s innovation group to generate applied innovation solutions for `the next generation Retail enterprise.


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