US Repression Of Haiti Continues

U.S. troops arrived at Haiti’s Presidential Palace in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and preoccupied control of the immediate area. Nearly 12 U.S. military helicopters were laid on the front lawn of the Palace and heavily armed soldiers stroked the ground. The 82nd Airborne Division simultaneously parachuted in at least 50 troops to take control over different systems in the Haitian capital.

The United Nations ‘peacekeeping’ troops, which are encouraged by U.S. Soldiers, had seriously beat Haitians who reached the airport in Port-au-Prince, peering for work. Aspiring to be able to assist in unloading cargo planes stuffed with humanitarian supplies for earthquake victims and providing their assistance, repressive forces transposed their batons and tear-gas on the crowd of job seekers.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, at the time of his tour of ruined Port-au-Prince, said to journalists: “It is unprecedented. It is one of the largest, most serious natural disasters in recent decades. For the United Nations, again, it was the single biggest loss in the history of this organization. That really compounds everything.”



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