There are different models of college-classified cars. So it is hard to choose the best one. So on the editorial and survey report following top rated college cars are classified:

Mazda 3
This is an economical, small, inexpensive sedan or hatch back model. This car includes great design, furnished dashboard, better suspension and acceleration with small built in motor.

Honda Fit
This is affordable, subcompact college type vehicle. It offers good navigation system, magic seats, and reliable color.

Kia Soul
This is a descent car, which gives the value, features, space and warranty. It offers good audio package system and stable handling.

Nissan Cube
Cube is a stylish model of Nissan. It offers pulse ride, peppy performance and many other admirable features.

Scion XD
This is an impressive and highly stylized car model. It includes stereo system, i-pod connectivity, steering wheel audio controls.

Toyota Yaris
Yaris has a stylish body, reliable car model from Toyota. It gives great fuel economy somewhere around 35-38 mpg. It comes with easy parking facility with very low cost price.

By MND A01