A Terrorist Act Obscure The G8 Summit And London’s Election

Bombings on the 7 July 2005 also known as 7/7 obscured, many important events of London .The London election and 31st G 8 summit, which was held from July 6 to July 8, 2005, were mainly affected by these attacks. On brief press conference England Prime Minister, Tony Blair states that incidents were obviously a terrorist attacks to disturb the events. He also announced to media that, the summit meeting would continue in his absence, under the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

Reports suggest that the bombings may have been planned on G 8 summit day. Many numbers of police officers were deployed to Scotland. security Forces were collected from the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, City of London Police, as well as many from other forces.

Police also used an obscure law entitled “Section 60” of the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act of 1994. During the G8 summit, police widely overstepped their legal authority by massively encircling and detaining crowds even before they had left March staging areas.



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