US Auto Manufacturers Replacing LED or Xenon Headlamps with Laser Headlamps

Car manufacturers are developing many new facilities for new models. In that they are developing new technological facilities in head lamp development. German motor manufacturing companies are following new technology in headlamp advancements that is ‘laser headlamps’ which produces the laser light.

The German Motors are using this laser headlamp technology for the very first time in BMW i8 model. Laser headlamp has more potential, it is more powerful, more efficient and smaller in size than the other head lamps. There are many benefits from the laser headlamp, it produces the parallel beam light which is more powerful than the LED or Xenon light and it is nearly 1000 times more intense than LED and Xenon light. Laser light consumes very less energy for producing the powerful light. Light output capacities are 170 Lumen of output light for the laser lamp and 100 lumen of output for the LEDs.

Laser headlamp light array is just 10 microns longer, the LED headlight array is nearly 1 millimeter which is more than 100 times of laser light array. But the technology department is still doing research on increasing laser light conventional area. Manufacturers are using laser light mostly as it provides more stylish look to the car.


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