NASA And California Institute Discovered New Planet

Astronomers in recent years have discovered that our solar system is more crowded than we expected it to be earlier. This fact could be justified with the discovery of dozen new moons circling Saturn.

In July 2005, the Institute of Technology of California and NASA announced the existence of a tenth planet. It is about 9 billion miles far from the Sun and estimated to be about one-and-a-half times the size of Pluto.

The declaration of a tenth planet is with full off controversy. Some scientists considered this newly discovered object along with Pluto nothing more than a glorified Kuiper Belt Object. But, at last it was considered as dwarf planet

The orbit of the new dwarf planet is more eccentric than Pluto. In solar system Pluto moves from 30 to 50 times the sun-earth distance over its 250 year orbit, where as the new planet moves from 38 to 97 times the sun-earth distance over its 560 year orbit. The new dwarf planet rotates every 4 hours, faster than anything else known in the Kuiper belt.


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